Westlake SL369

Radial A/T

Sometimes you have to go off road to get the job done. The Westlake SL369 is designed with a versatile all-terrain tread pattern that performs on highways and off-road. Rugged terrain, rocky landscape, or muddy turf will not stop these tires from delivering you to your destination.For a tire that works as hard as you do, ask for a set of Westlake SL369s!

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  • Integrated block design for improved ride, traction, and wearablity
  • Multi-circumferential grooves facilitate water and dirt evacuation, and enhance wet road traction
  • Proven tread pattern is designed to perform in both on and off-road applications
  • Variable pitch tread reduces road harmonics while intricate siping blocks increase tread surface for ride stability


Available Sizes

  • 235/75R15
  • 225/75R16
  • 235/75R16
  • 245/75R16
  • 265/75R16
  • 215/70R16
  • 225/70R16
  • 245/70R16
  • 265/70R16
  • 275/70R16
  • 235/65R17
  • 245/65R17
  • 265/65R17
  • LT235/75R15
  • LT215/85R16
  • LT235/85R16
  • LT225/75R16
  • LT245/75R16
  • LT265/75R16
  • LT285/75R16
  • LT245/70R16
  • LT265/70R16
  • LT235/80R17
  • LT245/75R17
  • LT245/70R17
  • LT265/70R17
  • LT285/70R17
  • LT275/65R18
  • 31X10.50R15LT